Anthony Van Troost (1969 Ostend, Belgium) is a designer-maker who, after his training as a furniture maker at the Technical Institute in Ostend, studies interior architecture at the Sint-Lucas Institute in Ghent, with a preference for furniture design. In the following years he takes part in various exhibitions at home and abroad, including the Netherlands, Luxembourg, France, Slovenia, Germany. In 1993, together with a few friends, he founded the designer collective Fragments and organized a number of exhibitions in this way. In the meantime, he works as an interior architect-maker in his hometown of Ostend. Between 2004 and 2008 he lives and works in Italy where he works for a short time in a shipyard for luxury yachts. Now he mainly designs furniture and lighting that are made as unique pieces or in small editions. All creations are handmade in his own studio.
S and More is the company name and label of Anthony Van Troost. It was founded in 2017 under the impulse of his wife Sophie. S and More stands for Sophie ANthony Design and the More for what is to come. Sand also refers to the beach of Ostend.

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